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About Cedar Schmidt

Cedar Schmidt is a fervent advocate for natural living and a passionate explorer of the world of cold plunges. With a penchant for diving into life’s refreshing experiences, Cedar’s writings encapsulate his own journey through wellness adventures and the benefits of a holistic lifestyle. It’s important to note that while Cedar is brimming with insights and personal stories, he isn’t a doctor. His blog is a testament to his personal experiences and the knowledge he’s gained over the years.

Outside the realm of his writings and cold plunges, Cedar revels in the serene beauty of nature, often taking weekend hikes or practicing outdoor meditation. He’s a proud father of two spirited children and a dedicated husband. Together, the Schmidt family often embarks on camping trips, creating memories under the canopy of stars. In quieter moments, Cedar indulges in his love for gardening, with a particular fondness for cultivating rare herbs.

His life mantra? “Dive deep into life’s natural rhythms, and let its currents guide you toward well-being.”